Map of the Wainwrights

GuideUs has released edition 2 of their lake district map showing all 214 Wainwright Fells, changes for this new edition have included colour coding each of the 7 Wainwright areas with their associated book colour and updating the fell information table. More details of this Lake District Wainwright map can be seen at, in the Wainwright Fells Map section of their website.

Lake District Map of the Wainwrights

Map of the Key Mountains in Snowdonia

An image of a map of Snowdonia (Wales) showing all key mountains
Map of Snowdonia showing all the key mountains with Snowdonia mountain tick-list

This is a beutiful map of Snowdonia, north Wales. It provides a simplified overview of an otherwise complex landscape. Each key mountain is clearly marked and featured in a Snowdonia mountain tick-list, this enables you to record your progress through these exceptional hills.

You can buy the ‘Snowdonia Mountain Chart‘ online at

I recently ticked off 6 Snowdonia mountains on my hill chart in one glorious outing! Details and photos below.